Monday, September 3, 2012

HOTT Dwarves - 15mm

So we've just finished HOTT Berkeley 2012 and here are some pictures of the army I used.

I'd had the figures lying around for a long time begging to be painted but wasn't motivated. For HOTT Berkeley I always do a momento for the attendees to make it a bit special... not that it isn't special enough of course but it's nice to take something home.

This year I'd left it late to sort out so was in a bit of a panic but then a discussion ensued regarding my 25mm Dwatven mine ( and Shaun of Dreamholme Scenics reckoned he could knock one up to fit a 15mm HOTT Stronghold.

I got the army painted in time for HOTT Berkeley and Shaun was true to his word providing 24 of the mines.

Here is the full army:

It consists of 4 Blades includingthe General with the Standard, 1 Hero, 1 Sneaker (to test the revised Sneaker rules), 1 Artillery and 3 Shooters.

A close up of the Hero:

A close up of the Artillery:

The mine entrance; I added the spare figures from the army to make it look like something was happening, one dwarf entering the shaft with torch, two messing about with the gold truck and one wondering up to see what's happening.

Another shot of the mine.

The back of the terrain item has a badge detailing "HOTT Berkeley 2012". I understand from Shawn these will be available from his online shop at some point although without the badge that makes the 22 people who got one at HOTT Berkeley 2012, plus one very lucky US tourist to the UK and 1 lucky no-show, very special people indeed.

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