Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HOTT Barn 2013

I took my Dwarves that I used at Berkeley along with fine Dwarven Mineshaft from Dreamholme Scenics. I did however drop the Sneaker and added an extrat Artillery; so 4 blades inc General, 2 artillery, 3 shooters and 1 hero

The main hall at Lincombe Barn: 

Game 1 vs Sean and his Gray Aliens, or rather Tim's Grey Aliens. Sean is over from California and studying in Egham, he cadged a lift with the Staines Massive. The Grey Aliens had 6 shooters, Mage General, Behemoth and 2 Flyers. Sean defended and put down some woods which could help his shooters but hinder his flyers. I got my choice side and Sean had to deploy narrow. 

His army was pip starved due to low rolls, terrain and pip heavy units. This allowed me to advance my artillery into range. I knocked off as shooter who recoiled into his behemoth. I then sent the behemoth running to the edge of the table and set about sorting my battle line. 

Sean attempted to use the flyers to cause me problems but pips were an issue and he overlooked the position of his Mage General, just infront of the behemoth that was just off the table edge. My arty opened up and sent the mage general recoiling through the behemoth and off the table to give me the game.

Game 2 vs Colin O and his dinosaurs, 3 behemoths inc general, 1 flyer and 5 beasts. I defended and laid down the Dwarven Mountain in 1 quarter of the board with rocky rough going next to them and a gentle hill diagonally opposite. Colin failed to get his preferred side so I set up on the hill. 

My fear was the beasts outflanking me so I opted to have the blades nailed to the hill and arty and shooters to cover my right, hero in support. Colin tried a flank attack but after a knockback gave up on the idea and opted to assault the hill with behemoths. Colin's flyer swooped behind my lines but my shooter able to recoil it back over my own line so it died. 

More artilery fire meant his beast support could not reach my line and only 2 behemoths only got into combat. The behemoth general won and forced back a blade but the other was doubled and died. In my go I turned the flank on the behemoth general and destroyed him so getting the game.

Game 3 vs Benedict and his water themed army, Behemoth general, hero, 2 riders, 3 hordes, water lurker, 2 shooters and God!. Big grudge match as Benedict and I seem to meet most Berekeleys so no quarter was either offered or expected. I defended and declined to bother with water. 

Similar terrain as above went down but with woods as I had more shooters and he had the aerials. Benedict got his preferred side and the gentle hill. 

He then promptly came off it to avoid attrition from artillery. His hero and riders combo went straight in for the kill but were only partially successful takign down 1 arty but losing a rider and eventually the hero. The God arrived as the melee ensued and hit my arty but my blade overlaps meant I clung on for dear life and dressed my lines. 

I managed to get a shooter in trouble by leaving it no recoil against he impassable mountain and Benedict gleefully pounced to bring the scores closer. Benedict's God remained resolute and finall did for my arty whilst my hero and his behemoth were playing to-and-fro with overlaps each side. Now at 8-8 and I managed to turn the flank on Benedict's behemoth general and with the combat for the game.

Game 4 vs Tony Green and his Hoth Rebels, 2 heros (Leia and Han) Paladin (Luke), 4 shooters including the general and 2 flyers, not quite an uber army of old. 

I defended again and once more laid standard Dwarven Terrain Mk II much to Tony's despair. It went worse once he lost his prefered edge and I had the hill. Sadly no pics of this game as by this time I was pretty distracted by the intense game. Tony went for surgical strike with Leia leading some shooters through the rough but pip starvation slowed them down. 

Han and Luke tried for the gap between the hill and rough but pulled up once my shooters and arty swung to the centre to create the Valley of Death. Tony's flyers tried to pin my shooters but pips meant I was still able to intercept Leia (Luke's thought's gave her away) and her force. 

One of the flyers was shot down as my dice rolls became inspired and at this point Tony lost the will to live, he sent Han into my blades for a desperate bid to break my line, I recoiled but then in my go blew Han away with arty. A second flyer was then shot down and with no option Luke went for the Dwarven hero. Patently not yet ready in the force and unable to roll better than my 6s Luke bit the dust to give me the game.

So four wins out of four and 3 generals killed meant I won a fine bottle of Southern Comfort for 1st place.

I like the job Own did on his HOTT Berkeley  2012 memento, love the littel flowers:
Again, thanks to Nick, Craig and the gang and see you all next year if not sooner.


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