Saturday, September 28, 2013

Battle of Kirbekan - BFE v2 AAR Sept 2013

So with version 2 of BFE out we've been racking up the games. After a plea for Sudan scenarios on TMP I was pointed in the direction of Stuart Asquith's fine scenario book Warfare in Egypt and the Sudan. The first copy that arrived sadly was misprinted but Dave sent me a new one as soon as I told him and I was soon reading avidly.

For the regular Monday night game I selected the Battle of Kirbekan (Feb 1885 Sudan) but with an added gunboat since I knew the Dervish were unlikely to obligingly sit on the ridge. I gave the Dervish some artillery and cavalry to compensate since at the level we were playing the scenario suggested there would not be many.

Dave Manley took command of the gunboat along with Marines, Naval company and Gardner gun. I took the centre with a gun, 1 Egyptian company and 1 of the Staffs companies whilst Dave Pike had the other Staffs, 1 Scots, a gun and the cavalry. The Sudanese were played by Paul , Chris and Rodger.

British deploy more or less as per scenario (other than the gunboat of course) whilst the sneaky Dervish hide behind the ridge.

The gunboat (from Peter Pig) prepares to move up and flank the Dervish.

After a few opening salvos the British advance in the centre to enable a better view for the artillery.

Dave Pike matches the advance on my right tying up the Dervish Cavalry. Dave Manley's naval troops bring fire upon the Dervish right.

Dave Pike's position looks tight as the dervish fear coming over the hill.

So Dave decides to go get them... and that's where it all went wrong.

I deploy into line to protect the artillery as Paul's Dervish decide to move up the hill whilst Chris in the centre is racked with indecision.

Dave Pike's troop seem to have vanished apart from the Staffs in line and about to get hammered in the flank. I break off to go try and support them. It's not looking great and we are close to break point.

Meantime Dave Manley's crew do fine work rolling up Paul's flank and we inch closer to the Dervish break point.

But it's not enough and Dave Pike's last company gets massacred giving the Dervish victory. Sadly the official photographer was lost in the rush to get back on board the gunboat so there are no pictures of the final moments of the battle.

Another good game and we do seem to be getting the hang of these rules now.

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