Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First game of Pendraken's Warband

So at the Berkey Vale club Kiwidave and I decided to try our recently purchased Warband rules by Pendraken. They are designed with their 10mm range of figures in mind but they only large fantasy army I have is 28mm Dwarves so we used big toys and agreed 2 standard 60mm Base frontage as our Base size, so 120mm by whatever deep.

Dwarves are not cheap in the lists, once I'd got my Exceptional Commander and core troops there was little left for optional troops. I picked the Honour Guard and a unit of Gyrocopters to make 8 stands. I then took Formed for free and added Shieldwall where I could.

Dave sabot based his Saga Rus and used the Dragonmen list. He managed 11 unit including a mage, LH, Knights, infantry, bow and skirmishers.

We picked a selection of terrain that all ended up on the right... Typical.

Dave's Host ready for battle.

Hill Dwarves protecting their home.

Dave advances his line... Eventually... Whilst I held my defensive line Dave strugled to move his. He did move his flanking knight and LH though... Not the best idea as it happened.

Early shooting saw Dave's Berserkers route but were rallied before they left the board.

Eventualy his Knights advanced into a hail of musketry and crossbow Shooting. Oops....

The isolated routing Knights were then swept off the board by the Gyrocopters.

Dave eventuall crashes in but takes a good kicking from my Shieldwall line.

Nearing 11pm we called it a da,  Dave had lost 3 units for no losses to me and was never going to recover.

We very much enjoyed the game, the rules encourage a very relaxed game which suits nicely.

We learnt that Dwarves are hard as nails with Shieldwall. cps are very valuable once the game id underwa,  at first I thought it too easy to rally but the game showed that not to be true.

Dave learnt not to charge Dwarven bow when I have 8CPs to pump into shooting and nothing else to spend them on!

We will definitely play again and next time I might rebase... It needs doing anyway so I can knock up some temporary ones.

Great fun.


  1. Nice li'l report - how long did the entire battle last?

  2. Argonor,

    Thanks. The battle lasts about 3.5 hours but we were of course referring to the rules often.