Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hostilities Between The Dwarves and Dragonmen Escalate

Dave came by Thursday night for some more Warband. He used the Dragonmen again but with the mage left at home and a dragon in the ranks with some aerial knights as support.

I had my Dwarves but dropped the gunline, I opting instead for all warriors bar 1 sole artillery piece; I had 9 units, the largest Dwarven army fielded so far. I was traditional about my terrain placing the impassable Dwarven mountain on my left and the gold mine right centre. Dave placed a large wood along side my mountain extending into the board centre, he also placed a central hill in his deployment area.
The opposing armies lined up
My plan was to get up close and see how the dwarves manage in a proper stand up fight. Plus I was worried about the dragon so wanted to get on with it.

Hmmm.... This one could be tricky
Protect the Mine!
I started brightly, my right flank rushing to move around the mine. My centre advancing,  I had no left flank. Dave responded in kind. Early missile exchange saw a flaw in my plan as my artillery got too close and became a pin cushion...
Kinked lines in Warband!! The horror.
Dave cleverly angles his archers to be in range of my artillery but out of my artillery arc...
Dwarves stack the centre.
These odds look good to me and would let me turn his flank.
My motivation dice then went badly wrong as I struggled to extricate the artillery from trouble... So much so Dave had time to land the dragon behind it.  Artillry vs dragon only ends with a dead dragon in the movies,  in real wargaming the arty becomes matchwood.
Thank God Dwarves have Resolute otherwise that could get messy.
Get off our Mine!!
Dragonmen archers feel brave.
Flying dragon knights swoop in and a bunfight breaks out.
Fortune favours the bold so I went for gold and I charged in where possible. My CPs dried up for a while so I relied on Dwarven resilience whilst our armies exchanged hits. 
Dwarves charge the archers but the dragon swoops in behind them.
The dwarves get close and personal on the right
Flying dragon knights bounce for hits but save them all, not so the poor dwarf unit.
Mayhem in the centre as archers recoil but the dragon snacks on dwarves. 2 Dwarven units dropped to low morale but cling on. Sadly they fell soon after to make for a nervous last couple of turns.
Slow work on the right as dragonmen warriors stand fast.
The dwarven King sends the reserves into the rear of the dragon and enters the fray himself to relieve the pressure on the left.
Pesky dragonmen are still holding up my right.
The flying dragonknights recoil again and finaly start to drop in morale. Because they are flyers my warriors that were facing them can ignore the restricted move rules and spin round to face their ground opponents. The unit in the foreground waits ready to protect the flank.
Dwarves are so resilient, they are taking hits but not falling back is worth its weight in gold. Dragonmen warriors and archers are routed leaving their general exposed for me to charge. The dragon itself is gradually taking damage... but look at those blue dice... 8 CPs just in the nick of time!! Guess who's getting a melee CP boost?
To take pressure off the general the last dragonmen archer charges the rear of the dwarven warriors
Woohoo!! The dragon is destroyed, only saving 2 of the four hits it took, but more dwarves fell soon after to make for a nervous last couple of turns. 
The flying dragon knights decide to try for the easier kill picking on the unit with only 1 morale left. By this  time I needed any one unit to win and had 2 that I could take down, Dave needed 2 units to win and I too had 2 that could be lost.
Buoyed with success against the dragon the dwarves follow up charge into more warriors.
So much for trying to take down the general, my unit is destroyed but my flank move around the mine finally gets into place and hits an enemy archer in the rear.
Just when you need CPs Dave's dice ran out and I got plenty. I took the required enemy unit and Dave could not dish out enough hits to force any routs. Dave's army broke at 3 points over the 250 required (of 500ap armies). I was on about 155 lost.
We are still alive!! And kicked the enemy unit too!! The fat lady breaks into song!!
That's the first time we have actually completed a game with a proper result. We started just before 8pm and were done 10.30pm. Neither had a mage so that helped plus we both moved quickly, and once all units were engaged the movement phases were very quick.

It was also a great fun game for those reasons with Dave having the upper hand at first then me as Resolute and Shieldwall gradually paid off.


  1. Excellent work sirs! What did you think of the dragon? Useful? Also, how did not including spell casters change the game?

  2. Luddite, I responded in a separate topic on the forum :-)