Saturday, January 28, 2012

FWC Bridge Part I

For some time I've been looking to get a nice bridge for our 6mm FWC games, my plan was to do a  Sci-fi version of something like Mont St Michelle, but rather than a causeway I wanted a modern style bridge, like the one in MI3 where Davian escapes with help from his mates, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. I wanted a fairly long bridge and wide enough to fit our based vehicles.

Needless to say the moment I got into the project Brigade Models developed something similar. Sadly theirs are to narrow for me and as I'd got all the bits  I wanted....

The bridge surface wasto be some 2mm MDF that I cut up in my evening woodwork class for bases and other bits. The bridge parts were to come from the Airfix Robogear platform terrain kit.

First job was to drill the holes through the deck and glue the supporting columns to the deck.


Next up construct the ramps. Happily I have two of the Robogear kits so managed to find a full complement of 4 ramp bits for eand end of the bridge. In the background are the bits to use as the railings.

The railings were glued on, they are different bits but I had enough to get symmetry going on so it does not look out of place

Sufficiently sci-fi looking.  Main deck almost done

Next side barriers for the ramps. Note also the ledge for the ramp to sit, this mean the ramps can be higher or lower than the deck as required by the terrian items I'm using.

And there she is, almost done. On the back edge I've place a pillar and gun turret, the pillar were dropship legs from the Grendel VTOL craft that were never used, the turret is from Old crow. They are not glued yet as I'm undecided if they look right. Angel Barracks kindly suggested some gangtreee with signs and I think that  may be the way to go.

Once I've done the gangtree and painted  it I'll post the finish pictures. Great thing is of course that it is easily usable for 15mm or even light footbridge for 28mm.