Friday, April 26, 2013

This week I have mainly been... FWC Terrain making

Just over a month to go before FWC Bootcamp and so decided to crack on with some more terrain pieces for our 6mm Sci-fi games. some of these buildings have been used before but I finally decided to place the actual models on permanent template.


First up Desert outpost with redar tower and generator. Models from Old Crow.

Next the Science Research Facility on Alpha 1. Don't know who make these, I think it's some chap in Barcelona.

The Refinery, complete with large filling depos,  wouldn't want any one to see what's produced... Refinery from JRM but not sure about the depos.

Bug Hunt!! Nice little bug hive nest, note the arid cracked terrain and no vegetation... no respectors of the environment these bugs. Models from Dark Realm Miniatures.

Shape of things to come...More Pinko Kraytonians in the form of the Karok Lander. Hmmm....Shiny....

That's it.