Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Return of the False Prophet of the San Juans - Part 1

So we have started a Colonial campagin in an effort to make our Colonial battles more interesting than line up and mow down the locals, our campaign if choice is downloadable here http://www.wfhgs.com/downloads.html

The campaign rules are well written and fit nicely with our chosen wargame rules http://bloodybigbattles.blogspot.com

We are currently on turn 2 and the San Juan are aflame with revolt. It is quite a scream watching the players try to sort out the mess. The pics below are from Monday's battle as the Egyptian forces landed with a strong contingent to retake Olga on Orcas Island.

The Mahdists had rolled up 19 infantry units, 8 cavalry and 4 rifle units, 1 being with repeaters. The Egyptians had 7 Sudanese inf, 2 Egyptian inf, 3 cavalry and 3 mgs that were removed from the boats. Rather than risk the boats close to the town they had to disembark up the coats and assault by land.

In this battle Shaun (who is also the Egytian Governor) and Mike played the Egyptians whilst Rodger and I played the Madhists.

His Egyptian Excellency Shaun Ramatongadownathota Mutton KFC.

The Egyptian gunboats and transports disgorge their occupants.

Mike gets excited as he explains his brilliant plan to an interested Shaun.

Roger admires the Mahdist cunning plan.

You can never have too many boats in a colonial campaign, espacially in the San Juan Islands.

Egyptian forces fan out.

No signal flags yet, hold still my brave warriors!

Contact. The Mahdists in the forward pit sacrifice themselve to slow the advance.

Mike's left flank attack seem reluctant to keep pace. Shaun just out of range along the beach.

Open Fire!! The Egypians try to cut down defenders but the walled town makes it hard.

Rodger's Mahdists move up behind cover in the centre whilst Shaun assault the walled town.

Shaun is thrown back and in the centre Rodger launches our counter attack.

View along the battle lines.

The central fight grows as more troops are poured in to support various assaults.

The Mahdists are repelled but the town holds firm.

Mike's flank units are sucked into the central melee.

More lives sacrificed to thegatling gun to allow charges to hit home.

View from the Egyptian perspective.

Thousands of 'em!

Calamity strikes. Exploitation moves see the Mahdists tear through the ammo mule and hack down His Egyptian Excellency Shaun Ramatongadownathrota Mutton KFC causing despair amongts the Egyptian forces.

Rodger's final assualt adds to Egyptian woes and they give up and leave the field.

In campaign terms the Egyptians managed to leave the field in good order, only suffering a further 10% casualties. But they lost 2 complete units and loads of other were down 25%. For the campaign Mahdist losses are inconsequential as the generate  units for each battle that occurs. On the plus side for the Egyptians it does mean the British arrival will be triggered much sooner than thought.

We mark the passing of His Egyptian Excellency Shaun Ramatongadownathrota Mutton KFC but welcome the appointment of His Egyptian Excellancy Shaun Abdab Yabadabadoo Mutton KFC. The third member of the mutton dynasty to be givent eh job after the previous two were tragically cut down on the field of battle.

His Egyptian Excellancy Shaun Abdab Yabadabadoo Mutton KFC.