Kraytonians smash Neo soviets

On our Monday club night we had 4 games going on, fore to back was 6mm FWC Kraytonians vs Neo Soviets, 15mm FOGR, 25mm FOG and an FWC campaign game in 6mm.

As you can see the games room was pretty festive for out lastgame before Christmas.

I was on the first table with Kraytonians vs Mark Neo Soviets. It as 5000ap enounter game, I had Gordon on my side (left with biscuit tin in hand), whilst Mark had Freddie (seated) and KiwiDave (menacingly waving spoon).

We set up set terrain, and optedf or static deployment.

My Kraytonian Pinkos make a fine battle line, infantry to the forest, medium armour to the centre and heavy armour to the right.

The Soviets go first move and raced off with their recon...whoops. Gordon and I opened up with everything and trashed 2 recon in their first move. Mark had forgotten Kraytonians suffer no penalty for taking opportunity fire!

The rest of the Soviet line moved up to take the terrain on our right and head for the town. In our turn we could see them quite happily so called in the big guns....

The deviation favoured Dave's armour but I still got 12 dice on 3 tanks... sadly not effective enough... yet. Our line advanced on the leftunder Gordon to take the power generator whilst I swun right, Karrock himself leading the troops, festined in his festive red cloak.

The Soviets advance again on the right, only to get blitz by my medium armour.

Soviets decide they're fed up of the Kraytonian armour and call in an Orbital Strike, suppressing nearly all my armour. They also begin moving into the town, athough their right flank has stalled.

Things stutter as we recover from suppression and the Soviets debuss then fail command rolls. Then finally we get air superiority again and call in more air strikes. Large numbers of soviet tanks vapourise.

Soviets spring their ambush early in the woods as we are not going to them since they've taken the town and that is our immidiate threat.

With last orders called the Soviets are about 3 or 4 shy of their break point whilst the Kraytonians have lost 1 heavy tanks and 2 medium ones. The Soviets graciously admit defeat and we pack up for home.

A good game, Soviets suffered from lack of AA as the Kraytonian gunship is extremely powerfull. They also fluffed their ambush and had some bad command rolls. Still, Kraytonians won. Yippee!!


  1. Nice report, thinking about getting some Krays myself...probably wont paint em pink though:)


  2. I like the pink... it's fun and 'exotic'.

  3. Full army lists would enhance this Batrep.

  4. Good Batrep, what figures did you use as the Soviets?